[linux-audio-user] Re: which graphics card?

Lee Revell rlrevell at joe-job.com
Wed Jun 21 14:35:34 EDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 13:25 -0400, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings:
>   This topic should be entered in the LA* FAQ. However, the FAQ itself 
> is woefully out of date and needs repaired (Jazz++ is one of the "most 
> recommended" MIDI applications). Perhaps someone on this list could take 
> a little time off from their discourses here and work a bit on the FAQ ? 
> Not so much fun as the LAU list but potentially more valuable (i.e. it 
> might reach more people). At least then we could simply refer people to 
> the FAQ instead of rehashing the thread.

It seems like this stuff changes too rapidly to be in an FAQ.  The
Nvidia situation has not changed in a while, but there's ongoing reverse
engineering work on ATI cards.


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