[linux-audio-user] fst-1.8 triggers wine-preloader processes using a lot of ram

Benjamin Fabricius benjamin.fabricius at lawo.de
Thu Jun 22 12:37:29 EDT 2006

Hi all,

ive made some more progress on the madi vst server.

now ive got following problem. i am planing on being
able to run a large amount of plugins as i route 64 channels
of audio i/o.

fst seems to start a dedicated wine-preloader process for every
plugin that is loaded. this causes my ram to decimate very
quickly and thats one thing i dont have a lot of. 512MB - Ramdisk
(running kind of an embedded system).
after starting 15 - 17 plug instances there is none
left obviously. is there a possibility of using only one shared wine
process or does anybody out there know a different work around to this 

any help is welcome,
Benjamin Fabricius
German Student
Lawo AG

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