[linux-audio-user] Re: fst-1.8 triggers wine-preloader processes using a lot of ram

Benjamin Fabricius benjamin.fabricius at lawo.de
Fri Jun 23 06:11:45 EDT 2006

Am Donnerstag, den 22.06.2006, 22:14 -0700 schrieb Kjetil S. Matheussen:

> not totally sure what you're doing, but keep in mind that Muse put a >
> lot
> of effort into making this work reliably across many plugins. don't
> expect to see this happen "easily".

what i want and am doing is to route a maximum of 64 audio channels
through various plugins by using jacks routing matrix and then output
these again. the plugins are being loaded by fst. ive ran some latency
and signal tests on this system to check if the system is stable and bit
transparent and also estimated s/n, distortion factor etc and everything
is working to my satisfaction thanks to having built this system using a
more or less embedded linux. this seems to offer enough cpu ressources
for this setup to work (dedicated and thus) reliably with up to 18 (max.
possible plugs to this date) plugins without getting xruns or other
artifacts. so thats what im doing. yesterday while testing suddenly
qjackctl crashes.. due to an out of memory fault. ive got 
512MB ram minus the space for my ramdisk. a quick look into top now saw
me confronted with a large list of wine-preloader processes using up to
10% of my memory each (!).

i was not doubting the effort invested in making plugins run stable with
fst or Muse etc. i merely thought it was worth finding out if any one
has had these difficulties in an environment with similar low

as a matter of fact i would actually like to stick with fst because i am
surprised it works as reliably as i have experienced.

> >
> > kjetil's vstserver design works this way.
> >
i thought vstserver was an obsolete approach...

> Not really. I think vstserver V0.0.1 or something ran everything in one 
> process. But I changed it quickly because if one plugin crashed, the whole 
> server went down as well, I'm not sure how bugfree v0.0.1 is though. It
> might still work...
on the other hand this seems to be an issue also. what i certainly dont
want is the server going down if one plugin throws in the towel...

so im still thinking about the possibilities ive got and the pros and
cons. any advice out there? or reports on how you got your system to
work the way you wanted with many plugins?

ive also got another question. havent gone through the code looking for
this yet so pardon this question of mine.
id like to change plugin user parameters using the vst api funtions
(setParameter(..) etc). is there a way i could extend fsts functionality
in the sense of an interface accepting these values an then passing them
on through fst and into the plugin instance? im more from a oop
backround so sorry about this abstract idea ;-)

Benjamin Fabricius
German Student
Lawo AG

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