[linux-audio-user] [LAM] a little livecoded a/v movie

Dave Griffiths dave at pawfal.org
Fri Jun 23 11:37:50 EDT 2006

> On Fri, 2006-06-23 at 15:40 +0100, Dave Griffiths wrote:
>> hi all,
>> a little movie of some of the livecoding I've been doing live lately
>> (usually alongside slub[1])
>> http://www.pawfal.org/patterncascade/movies/rotblox.mpg
>> the visuals and audio are both generated from the same improvised code
>> (lsystem rules used in a similar way to the mondrian project[2])
>> more info: http://www.pawfal.org/patterncascade/
> So that's what a 3D piano roll looks like! Very, very cool.

thanks! :) I'm working on other ways of visualising the note events but
that seems to be the most successful so far, as it's the clearest.



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