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Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sat Jun 24 02:13:51 EDT 2006

Arnold Krille wrote:
> Hi,
> untested comments follow:
> 2006/6/23, Markus Herhoffer <markus at herhoffer.net>:
>> I need a recommendation for a sound card or USB device for a PC that
>> will serve as sequencer and virtual instrument on stage. I need a cheap
>> yet powerful sound card with the following features:
>> - - about 4 ins and 4 outs. (If there are more, the sound engineer 
>> will go
>> crazy)
>> - - ultra low latency
>> - - compatible to be built into a 19'' rack.
>> - - MIDI-In/Out
> M-Audio has the Delta 44 which is 4in and 4out. With a small
> breakout-box to jack in your cables...
> PCI has the advantage that rather a lot of cards are tested and
> functional on linux.
> If you prefer USB, you won't find 4x4 devices. Because usb1.1 can only
> carry four streams reliable (which is stereo in and out) and usb2.0
> hasn't an audio standard, so most of these devices don't work on
> linux.

That's not quite true. I have a usb-1.0 maudio usb quattro 4x4 which can 
do four channels at latency of 128 on my 2.6Ghz celeron. However if you 
want true low latency then you should go for pcmcia/pci or (mostly 
untested but highly anticipated) firewire devices with freebob.


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