[linux-audio-user] Midi streaming

Ryan Heise ryan at ryanheise.com
Sat Jun 24 08:02:02 EDT 2006

On Sat, Jun 24, 2006 at 12:41:08PM +0200, Jacob wrote:
> The problem here is, that the tracks come one after the other within the file.
> So, streaming .mid files is probably only sensible, if there is only one
> huge track and if this track is the last one. 
> OTOH, you might get interesting results (similar to rendering interlaced
> images) if you start immediatly with the first track and add the others
> (with the right time offset of course) as soon as they are available ;-)

I see..

Can a midi file be reformated to have just a single track, while
preserving the different instruments for each note?

Assuming there is no tool yet that can play streaming midi, what is the
basic idea of how it should work? Does it just copy verbatim the midi
data read from the socket (in the midi file format) to the midi device?
Or does the midi device accept a different protocol? (e.g. with no
timestamps, so that the tool must inspect the timing information in the
midi file stream and then send events to the midi device only at the
correct times according to the timing information)

Or, is there a tool that does this?

Ryan Heise

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