[linux-audio-user] Re: LAU FAQ WIKI

luis jure ljc at internet.com.uy
Sun Jun 25 08:42:37 EDT 2006

> How's this?
> http://affenbande.org/%7Ethorwil/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/lau-wiki_02_i.png

well, i must say i find it difficult to evaluate the design of a web site
from a png... how does it look with a real browser? are those rounded
corners made with images? are those really necessary? how does it look with
a text browser like links? and with different screen resolutions? is the
text in those tabs text or images? what about visually impaired users that
need to increase font sizes, or blind users that use text only browsers? 

personally i hate those designs with rounded corners, but this is a web
site, not an album cover, and i think the points i mentioned above are more
important than the shape of the bullets or things like that.

BTW, the pngs at the /httplaulinuxaudioorgfaq/ page don't look bad at all.
IMO they'd look still better with solid colors, which is the only
improvement i can see in this new design.



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