[linux-audio-user] Re: "on stage" pc

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Mon Jun 26 13:48:28 EDT 2006

In theory I agree. I feel that the Unix philosophy applies in the
analogue world as well as it does in digital.

However, there are three reasons I chose to think Ensemble:

* An Apogee Rosetta eight-channel ADA converter costs $2500, an Apogee
  stereo Mic Pre-Amp costs $2000, and the FireWire extension for the D/A
  converters costs $500 (roughly the same as something PCMCIA that
  supports S/PDIF). I can get an Apogee Ensemble in Switzerland for
  $2000, that's $4000 in savings.
* I intend to use the same gear in my studio as live on stage. There is
  some advantage to carrying two small boxes only, notebook and
  breakout box. (I can't wait to proudly display my giant penguin
  while working the ladies' minds)
* Since as an independant producer I need so many different skills
  already to get my music heard (Sound synthing, sequencing, composing,
  performing, singing, recording, equalizing, compressing, echoing,
  limiting, encoding, web design, content management, internet
  marketing, merchandising design) I decided it would be nice to
  save me the learning of some expertise and "let the technology be
  smart" as far the analogue signal chain goes.

Of course, this approach might or might not work, as it is simply what
looks most promising given what I know right now, which is a lot
compared to last year, and very little compared to all the knowledge in
the universe.


Paul Davis schrieb:
> On Fri, 2006-06-23 at 20:53 +0200, Carlo Capocasa wrote:
>> Finally, for the ultra high end (my dream card), there is the Apogee
>> Ensemble FireWire that offers the famous Apogee D/A converters and four
>> Apogee Pre-Amps. This is my dream card. (19") It is untested with linux.
> personally, i think that combining converters with the computer audio
> interface is silly in general, and ridiculous at the "high end".
> you can buy an apogee standalone converter and connect it to any
> computer audio interface via ADAT, S/PDIF or other protocols. then, when
> you have to sell the apogee to pay for your next house or apartment, you
> can replace it with a cheap fostex unit, and keep your audio computer
> alive and functioning.

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