[linux-audio-user] AMD64 question

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Jun 27 09:44:43 EDT 2006

Mark Knecht wrote:

>>   7) Am I correct to assume that this system runs in a 32-bit more as
>> well as the 64-bit ? How do I determine which mode I'll run in ?
> No - it will run either 32-bit or 64-bit. However Linux has 32-bit
> emulation libraries to allow 32-bit binaries to run an a 64-bit
> system. I run 64-bit but I think if I was to do it again I'd just go
> 32-bit. 64-bit systems have trouble with many 32-bit Windows media
> types as win32codec built for 64-bit isn't completely compatible (or
> just doesn't work) yet. Some of Java isn't as well supported on 64-bit
> yet. Flash s OK. No clue whether any of that matters to you but it
> does to me.

Thanks for those notes, Mark. The Java and Flash stuff does matter to 
me. Any comment on WINE and VST support ? Am I best advised then to 
simply run in 32-bit mode most of the time ?

Btw, if I had to explain it to a very normal user, what benefits should 
she expect from running a 64-bit system ? WRT Linux audio software, what 
applications receive the greatest performance boosts ?

> We need to put the universe's karma bit more in balance.


Back to the balance...



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