[linux-audio-user] Help setting up linux for high quality music listening via JACK

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Wed Jun 28 19:22:03 EDT 2006

> E: Package libjack0.80.0-0 has no installation candidate
> GRR!  I guess this is why people run Gentoo :-P

mainly for the audio overlay. getting stuff into mainline gentoo must be difficult enough to have spawned all the existing overlays, and thats not counting the 30-day wait for arch keywords..impatient users must make a script to unmask new stuff in the global profile mask, and trick the -* keyword into installing on a per-package basis.. this is still faster than the manual way of installing CVS stuff though.. (i'm stil waiting for a peer-moderated distro without a central management team, with a distributed 'ebuild' database rated by successful compiles and votes..)

aqualung-cvs is in the overlay, and yes, it emerges out of the box with jackd version 0.102.15

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