[linux-audio-user] [desktop] volume-control dockapp?

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Thu Jun 29 02:08:01 EDT 2006

wmix, wmmixer, and wmsmixer: portage's short description claims all 3 support ALSA. one fails on "XpmError: XpmOpenFailed (.1986-2)" and the others fail on "no such device /dev/mixer", while -d hw:0,0(,0) just sends them for a loop 

gnome-panel has the perfect volume control, but then gnome-settings-daemon launches and screws up all the fonts, not to mention chews 15 or 30 mb of ram. and when you kill gnome-settings-daemon, the volume control button _disappears_ from the panel, while the other stuff stays

in summary, is there a volume control for fluxbox that actually works?

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