[linux-audio-user] Help setting up linux for high quality music listening via JACK

Ryan Heise ryan at ryanheise.com
Thu Jun 29 04:40:07 EDT 2006

On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 09:20:11AM +0100, tim hall wrote:
> actually compiling it from source shouldn't be particularly
> complicated. I know there is a psychological brick wall around package
> building

Problems with users trying to compile source code (on debian):

- It is often necessary to install certain -dev packages first. At the
  same time, it is rarely obvious to a user that a missing -dev package
  is the reason for it not compiling.
- Mixing package-managed programs and manually-compiled programs gets
  messy. E.g. If the user compiles/installs from source, and then
  finally a proper package becomes available. It is not straightforward
  to cleanly upgrade from the self-compiled version to the packaged

Problems with developers trying to maintain packages:

- Too many package formats.
- Too complicated package formats.

But developers should (I think) take on the responsibility to make
things easier for users.

Ryan Heise

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