[linux-audio-user] Aqualung Music Store Scripts

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 16:37:43 EDT 2006

   Since there has been some traffic here about Aqualung it dawned on
me that we hadn't gotten as far as talking about the Music Store. I
attach two scripts that I use for scanning my OGG and FLAC directories
to create Music Stores for Aqualung. My directories are created using
Sound Juicer.

   Run the script as such:

./Aqualung-FLAC-build_xml.sh /home/mark/Audio/audio1/MusicLib

   This is not very sophisticated but it does work. I have two Music
Stores in Aqualung, one for OGG files and a second for FLAC files
since I keep them on separate drives.

   Note that in my case Aqualung has been sensitive to things like
non-UTF8 special characters in the names. It is also sensitive to
things like multiple spaces in names. (It doesn't like them...) Others
have had better luck. I think it's my lack of knowledge about how to
properly create a Gentoo machine to do special characters. Anyway, be

   The original script was provided by Peter Szilagyi and has served
my needs just fine. There are things in the works for improving this
over time, but for now this is what I use.

Hope this helps,
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