[linux-audio-user] Rosegarden4 Freezes my machine, need tosystem reset.

Bal Dobe baldobe2000 at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 1 12:55:30 EST 2006

Just so that I am absolutely clear about what I have to do lilli

In a Terminal window, do I type

/etc/init.d/realtime start

And do I have to do these as root or a normal user?


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Le mardi 28 février 2006 à 23:05 -0800, baldobe a écrit :
> I am having 3 different problems with RG4 on 3 different debian
> Xubuntu 32 bit
> When I start Rosegarden I get the splash screen then after a while I
get an
> error message flashing up that's  too fast to read.  Rosegarden does
> start up.
> Xubuntu 64bit
> I get the RG splashscreen and then a crash sound output (breaking
glass). I
> do not get any error message.
> aGNUla/deMudi
> Nothing works when I start it up, no keyboard, no mouse, nothing.  The
> way out is to hit the system reset button whcih is obvously no good
for the
> system.  I also takes longer to recover from sucha position becasue
> does a system disk check. 
> I really would like to get Rosegarden up an running as I have ben
trying to
> do so for about a year now (on and off)!.
> Please let me know what info I need to post to get help on this.
> Thanks for any help.
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Hi Baldobe

I had the same trouble on Debian sarge.

I solve it (for the moment) like that :

/etc/init.d/realtime start

I hope this is a solution for you

P'tit Louis

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