[linux-audio-user] Web-based collaborative band/musicians app?

Georg Holzmann georg.holzmann at student.kug.ac.at
Sat Mar 4 02:14:57 EST 2006


> I'm sure you could do this entirely with Python, which would suit Trac. 
> Not that I'd have a clue where to start, well not much of one anyway.

You could use Plone, which already has many communication-tools, and 
write an additional product in python for it ...
(where you could in example use pd or anything else and stream with an 
icecast2 server ...)
a little howto you can make something (Plone and communication with pd 
...) is here: http://pdradio.iem.at/howto
(of course not that advanced as you want it ... ;)


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