[linux-audio-user] IRQ sharing

pirrone pirrone at localnet.com
Sun Mar 5 12:38:07 EST 2006

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 05, 2006 at 02:02:18AM -0800, Florin Andrei wrote:
>> On Sun, 2006-03-05 at 03:35 -0500, Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:
>>> Old school Linux Audio lore held that it was bad to let your audio card
>>> share an IRQ with anything else. Is this a myth, or still good solid
>>> practical advice?
>> It might still have some influence, but nowadays the typical hardware is
>> so fast, it doesn't matter like it used to.
>> I'm getting pretty good latency with no xruns when running jackd with
>> real-time priority, despite INT 5 being crowded like hell:
> Does anyone know if dual HyperThreaded Xeon's might impact this at all?
> I've got a user reporting jackd dieing on such hardware with an rme
> digi96/8 pad. It happens to be sharing and IRQ between these things:
>  10:   38948682          0          0          0          XT-PIC
>  libata, RME96, uhci_hcd:usb1, eth0
> Haven't had a chance to get physical access to the box, yet, to do some
> thorough sorting of the issue. But, just wondered if this might in
> anyway be a possible source of problems.
No problems with dual 3.0GHz Xeons running either 2.6.13-1.1532_FC4smp 
or 2.6.13-0.3.rdt.rhfc4.ccrmasmp

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