[linux-audio-user] Re: [ANN] Rhythm Galaxy vol. 1 drum/percussion sample library

jazzride jazzride at laposte.net
Sun Mar 5 15:15:09 EST 2006

Artemiy Pavlov wrote:
> Dear Linux audio software users and developers,
> many of you may know me - a sound designer behind many free sounds I keep on 
> making for Hydrogen rhythm machine and other samplers.
> Now I am pleased to announce Rhythm Galaxy vol. 1 - an all-new sound library 
> which boasts a huge load of drums, percussion and effects - from analog and 
> digital emulations to brand new, amazing sounds. It is a low-cost but very 
> high-quality library which delivers just the right sounds for various styles.
> Rhythm Galaxy vol. 1 includes over 250 world-class, superb sounds which 
> satisfy the needs of professional composers and music-making lovers who have 
> been searching for fresh, unique and inspiring material. All sounds are 
> totally original material, they have been created completely from scratch, 
> using Roland Fantom-S, V-Synth and VC-1 synthesizers, Krok 2401 analog vocoder 
> and also ALSA Modular synth.
> Rhythm Galaxy is available in two formats:
> - .WAV files grouped in folders ("Kick", "Snare", etc.) - suitable for any 
> hardware/software sampler
> - Hydrogen drum kit with all 256 sounds (will work only in Hydrogen 0.9.4 
> sound library manager).
> Sound demo: 
> http://soniccharger.com/media/demos/Rhythm_Galaxy_1_demo.mp3 
> Specs and complete sample list: 
> http://soniccharger.com/media/manuals/Rhythm_Galaxy_manual.pdf 
> More info:
> http://store.rolandclan.info/?action=catalogueViewItem&category=4&id=RGALAXY1&skip=0 
> You can also read more about me and my works at http://sineshine.com.
> Sincerely,
> Artemiy.
gonna try ...
as i'm drummer i could be interested...

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