[linux-audio-user] Re: Rhythm Galaxy vol. 1 drum/percussion sample library

Maluvia terakuma at imbris.net
Mon Mar 6 10:13:40 EST 2006


I did not find your announcement offensive or inappropriate - (but then I
differ w/ most folks here on just about everything.) :)
Some people get their knickers in a twist about the pettiest things.
Perhaps it does qualify as advertising and is not allowed on the list - I
didn't see anything about it in the rules one way or the other, only:
"It's a place for all things audio, but they should be viewed from a user's
I think a useful collection of drum samples, whether for free or a modest
price, certainly fits within that description.
(If the list is to be restricted only to free oss then perhaps that should
be better clarified in the list rules.)

Personally, I think it's great that you're trying to get some compensation
for your hard work and are offering it at such an affordable price. 
It's nice to know one can get good samples without having to shell out
$300+ for them.
Thanks for the link, and best of luck to you with your continuing

[BTW - hey list members: whatever you're doing *for_a_living* - I want it
for free!  Really!
That way we won't need to try to make any money from our music.
Free housing, free food, free gas, free everything - then free art makes
sense too.

- Maluvia

>thanks for your understanding and little misunderstanding.
>To Peter:
>1. It *was" an announcement, I do not ever "advertise". Or you want to say

>that if it's free product then it's an annoucemenet, and if it's not, this
>an advertisement? I didn't yet know about such specifics in OSS 
>terminology ;-)
>2. I didn't say the sounds are great, I said "amazing" and "superb" ;-)
>3. I don't think anyone ever released a commercial library for Linux
>so at least I thought you developers should know I did.
>Please take my apologies to anyone who my post hurt. But anyway I am a
>surprised by how unwelcome any Linux-for-audio promotiing intentions like 
>mine appeared to be to some of you. I must say that, still, there were
>more positive reaction to this commercial Linux sound library from users
>have been awating for some changes for a while.
>Anyway, for those whose ears fade away when they hear a word "commercial",

>please see: http://rolandclan.info/en/samples/index/

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