[linux-audio-user] Debian and friends

Sean Edwards cybersean3000 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 6 23:23:19 EST 2006

Responses are inline below.

--- "Lee A. Azzarello" <lee at rockingtiger.com> wrote:

> 1) What Debian communities for audio software 
> packaging are you a part of?


> 2) How do you install new releases to your system?

Synaptic, with default entries in

> 3) How often do you build your own kernel for audio
> systems?

Not in the last 5 months.

> 4) If you're not running real Debian, what made you
> change?

Still use it, but it is on a slower CPU (AMD K7 500
Mhz) and doubles as desktop for work.  With every
kernel upgrade, I have to reinstall the Cisco VPN
client for work, and that is terribly annoying (See
response to question #3).  I also changed because all
the MIDI/audio packages I use are already included in
Musix.  I found a good combination of command line
boot options for the Musix boot CD; I could not get
Demudi to boot on my NetVista 8305.

> 5) If you are running real Debian, have you upgraded
> to etch or sid?

Never used "stable" releases, just "testing" and did
upgrades as libraries, kernel, etc required.

> Thanks for your time...
> -lee

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