[linux-audio-user] Aligning audiofiles for different recorders.

Phil Mendelsohn phil at rephil.org
Tue Mar 7 12:59:58 EST 2006

> in terms of automating the alignment, it seems that ardour should
> probably add a new feature: "position sync point at loudest sample".
> then you just make sure you have a loud reference point in each file,
> set up the sync points, and then align them all to a single reference
> region.
> alas, it does not have that feature at this time.

Hi, Paul,

My worst days in audio and audio for video usually involved the kind of
"wild sync" that is being discussed here.

If the drift between channels is small enough to avoid problems, it will
be easy enough to align by hand.  If not, it won't help anyway.

If you're ever going to marry the audio to video -- and the audio is
longer than a minute or two -- then God have mercy on your soul!  One wild
clock is bad enough; two isn't even funny.

Loudest sample is a criteria that can result in false positives --
especially if the recording is a field recording, not a studio recording.

There is a point -- reached quite soon -- where it would be better to take
the two sources back to analog, so that they can be rerecorded in the
studio with a single A/D than to monkey with them in the asychronous

Be a pal, a remember that good habits don't have to be broken!  "One clock
to rule them all..." ;)  Don't encourage sloppy sync!  Save yourself the
work, and add a cooler feature instead -- like "Auto-Improve Lyrics"!

I've been playing with Ardour, but am not sure if it has the equivalent of
"Sync to Mark" that I used to use in Sonic, but that's a nice compromise
between automated and manual.

Phil M

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