[linux-audio-user] Totally OT (was Rhythm Galaxy vol.1 drum/percussion sample library)

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Mar 7 23:32:43 EST 2006

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 22:09, Dana Olson wrote:
>On 3/7/06, Maluvia <terakuma at imbris.net> wrote:
>> I assume, (perhaps erroneously), the following things:
>> 1. Everyone, unless they are independently wealthy, living on a
>> pension, or a hobo, has a job or self-employment income by means of
>> which they are enabled to pay their bills and purchase the goods and
>> services they either require or simply desire.
>> 2. All said individuals are actually being *paid* a wage, salary, or
>> receiving some form of income for this work - else they could not
>> pay the rent with it, so to speak.
>> 3. All these same individuals believe they *deserve* to be paid for
>> whatever work they do for their employer - or if self-employed - for
>> whatever goods or services they offer for sale.
>> This being the case, how on earth can such individuals make the case
>> that they deserve to be paid for what they do for a living, while an
>> artist, programmer, or individual in some line of work other than
>> their own - does not?
>> Just asking.
>> I find the degree of hypocrisy underlying such a premise utterly
>> dumbfounding - not to mention the conceit.
>> - Maluvia
>I agree, but I guess I stopped reading the other thread when it got
>heated to the point that you branched off into this one?
>Personally, I have no problems paying for this library, except that
>right now I don't have a job, so it will have to wait until I get a
>new one.
>What the attitude is with some Linux users, I don't know... Someone
>flipped on me because I accept donations at UbuntuStudio.com to help
>pay for the site fees and whatnot (I haven't actually received any
>donations, but that's besides the point). They said I started the site
>for the love of money and that they would not be supporting me. Oooook

No, its definitely NOT ok. I don't think its a bit unreasonable to want 
to recoup the sites costs, or to charge for the high bitrate version of 
the 11k/sec sampler.  The bottom line is of course, and everyone with 
the its gotta be free attitude should understand that the site, however 
usefull it might be for those whose interests are in line with your's, 
will in fact go away if its not supported well enough for you to pay 
the bills.  Thats simple economics 101 stuff & like the girl said, the 
hypocrasy runs rampant here.  Leave me out.

I'll be eternally gratefull if someone manages to come up with a pay as 
you go billing system where a good track could be sold for a buck, 
hopefully to 100k people, without the billing system eating 99k of the 
sales as overhead.  Then I firmly believe we will have ushered in the 
marketing concept that will well and truely be the death knell of the 
creative accounting the RIAA, et all, get away with currently.


Cheers, Gene
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