[linux-audio-user] Re: Totally OT (was Rhythm Galaxy vol.1 drum/percussion sample library)

Carotinho carotinobg at yahoo.it
Wed Mar 8 16:20:50 EST 2006

Alle 20:33, mercoledì 8 marzo 2006, Carlo Capocasa ha scritto:
> To sum up, mine are:
> * VERY spiffy web sites, like animated CD covers
> * Marketing tactic guerilla information ambush strategies
>   (Like the 'Creative Commons' Button)
> * Song content that does not fight against anything, but simply IMPLIES
>   that the truth is that downloadable music is superior. That nobody
>   should even bother listening to anything else because it will be
>   biased by corporatocracy anyway (I really BELIEVE this, personally)
> * People will disagree with us but start to agree with us after about
>   the third time we repeat what we say as 'Truth'
> e.g.
> FALSE: "Why are these people so ignorant? You bastards!"
> CORRECT: "Internet music is a superior way to listen to music. Here is
> why. As an internet music listener, you are part of a powerful
> avantgarde... blah blah." We ASSUME people will listen.
> In fact, we should start today. Integrating these messages in our latest
> songs. Telling people. Writing web sites.
> Hehe :) I feel REALLY good.

I think the way it's to sell the dissense. This always worked, no one would 
recognize the implicit contradiction. There are many examples of artists 
crying out loud they were off the mainstream music business, reaching that 
mainstram thanks to theirs complaints:)

Get the facts: downloadable music makes people happier! Independent studies* 
reveals that my sister wasn't satisfied with bought cds, but now she's so 
happy with downloaded music! Oh my ogg!:)

* Conflicting Bros. Ltd.




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