[linux-audio-user] Marketing Free Music

cdr ix at replic.net
Thu Mar 9 17:27:35 EST 2006

> > "Downloadable music is superior to store-bought CDs"

i tend do disagree. since when i buy a CD i have a nice backup copy, ,and the artwork. its amazing that apple has sold 1 billion lossy tunes without a hardbackup, and then integrated all sorts of 'make the user orphan/lose their music' defaults into itunes and their policy. and all this along with selling a player without FM radio (since they could get the music for 'free' that way) this is what we're up against...

ideally id like to not have to think about downloading it. for ex maybe i can just dedicate 20GB of my HD and 20% of upstream bandwidth to some kind of 'freenet' backend to a CC music database.. then i dont have to deal with curating a collection, but know i can still listen to disheled_mutt-a-0-2932-1266.ogg even when disheveledmutt.net is down, yagetme?

> > "The OGG Vorbis file format is a sign of quality."

the logo should be some kind of upright shiny egg, with maybe a crack or two in it and some red stuff inside (obligatory Turing nod)

> > "Music that costs something is worthless."

it is pretty disappointing that the only way i CAN pay for the music i want is buy the CDs one at a time as they come out, and pay their price again in shipping to order from a few boutique stores in London, since the incumbent music industry seems to have forgotten anything it ever knew about artistic diversity or a&R 

> > "You are under a moral obligation to donate when you download music
> > for free and listen to it regularly."

says who. g-d? i disagree

> >
> > OGG Vorbis needs a logo. "VORBIS Seal of quality." Kind of like 'Intel
> > Inside'. People don't exactly know what this 'Intel' is that is inside
> > but simply assume they need it. People don't know exactly what this
> > 'VORBIS' is but assume it stands for freedom, love, good feelings...

yeah. we can wrap up all sorts of positive emotions into a logo and then sell it to people for huge margins, then stop worrying about how to make money since our society will be replaced with one that runs on pure emotion and compassion. how about we callit the UTOPIA initiative?

> >
> > I believe the best 'brand' and 'credible authority figure' we can create
> > is simply 'Free Music'.

if i had money, id think about buying some of the music i have on my hd, but it would be pretty much impossible to track down more than 5% of it. so this is more or less why i mainly support free music., the other option is difficult, and inaffordable,.

> You get some free music and you know what to
> > expect, and you know what is expected from you. Like in a well-known
> > kingdom in the middle ages (some things never change).
> >
> > So we have just created a music label that is truly free, that anyone
> > can participate in... That's pretty Sweet :) Now we're REALLY replacing
> > the middleman, not only in terms of distribution but in terms of
> > authority!

im pretty sure archive.org is what you describe. its also filled with crap. i like the servicse that middlemen like pirate radio, DJs, and mp3 release group 'brand names' provide. sifting thru the crap is a fulltime job. if you want to get started on some kind of 'digg' for CC audio, i might be interested...

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> > Anyone wanna gimme a hand? What do YOU think of this long-ass post? :)
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