[linux-audio-user] alternative way of streaming from jack to another computer?

Robert Persson ireneshusband at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 9 19:39:40 EST 2006

While we are waiting for the finishing touches to be put to netjack, I am 
looking for a way to stream audio from jack to another computer.

The computer is an early G3 powerbook running Mac OS 10.3, which I often use 
to run remote X11 apps from my (relatively) fancy linux box when I'm in the 
wrong part of the house. I simply want to be able to receive audio from jack 
on the linux box so I can hear what I am doing. This is for rough work and 
general noodling, so latency is not a big issue. Nor is getting 32 bit 5 
channel 48kHz with extra fancy bass, because that would be kind of lost on 
this particular powerbook.

I suspect it may be something fairly simple that I need, something that may 
have been talked about several times before on this list. If so, sorry about 
that. I haven't managed to follow many threads in the last few months because 
of life and stuff. 

Many thanks
Robert Persson

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