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Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Fri Mar 10 03:52:11 EST 2006

Carotinho schrieb:
> Hi!
> Alle 23:19, giovedì 9 marzo 2006, Folderol ha scritto:
>>I also think it is a mistake to talk about 'free' music. There has been
>>a decades long campaign by commercial interests that anything free is
>>worthless. You can't fight that overnight and on a zero budget, so don't
>>try. Instead, talk about say, 'urban' music or maybe 'natural' music.
>>Give the suggestion that it's nothing new, and belongs to everyone
>>without using the dangerous 'free' word. Make it seem like a right. In
>>today's over-controlled world people are getting pretty uppety about
>>what they think are rights being denied them.

Well, I DO think we need to counter that. We need to create a grassroots
campaign saying that anything that is NOT free is worthless. I believe
that this is possible... Does the word 'big dump company' mean anything
to you? Some silicon valley entrepreneurs coined that one and what
they're saying is that big companies have a lot of ooze, but are NOT
agile, and would DIE without startups to do the innovation for them.

I say 'never underestimate your own power' and I would say we go
precisely for that... As for free software I know of plenty of
university people who said 'software that costs something is worthless',
and that's where I got the idea in the first place :) We can, we can, we
can, we can, we can. Why? BECAUSE stuff you get on a budget is
worthless, and stuff you get for free (for our campaign) is worth something.

Nah, I'm not for 'urban music'... I think rednecks need free music too.
I'm not for 'natural' music... My music is about as synthetic as you're
going to get. I say let's jump on the bandwagon and go free... It's a
big risk, but only with big risks are big gains!

This guy


if you will scroll down about to the center explains it niceley when he
says 'do things that are hard, just because they are hard, so it is
difficult for competition (=commercial world) to follow.

Also, from a spiritual perspective, if we care in the least about what
commercial world does and take it as a reason to bow, we are affirming
that we are powerless to the commercial world, which is NOT what we want
to do. Do you think free software would exist if Richard Stallman had
thought 'Oh well I'll not call it free software because then I will have
a hard time versus the software companies' no. Richard Stallman took the
software companies DEAD ON, and he's winning.


Record companies are now useless, corrupted folk and must be replaced.
By whom if not us? I say: Free Music.

> We need an adjective that conveys all these positive feelings. It's all about 
> words. This way, people can put their works under a collective name. But in 
> my opinion, the "coolness" doesn't stay in the concept that it's free (to 
> download? to share? where's the news? say this to an eMuler...). The coolest 
> thing to communicate (and since this is a Linux Audio User I think you would 
> all agree), is that music has been made with Linux, which is new, fresh, 
> powerful, geeky, and so on. And, following the spirit of Linux, we share our 
> music with the fresh and powerful Ogg, and with a fresh and powerful license.
> Linux is getting to the point of being usable out of the box, so it won't be 
> any more a black art to make it work properly with realtime, jack etc.

I say we need two concepts here: A broad label to promote the idea of
free music, and that tipping is a good thing to do, and a second to
promote the geek stuff as cool and make Richard Stallman the next teen
idol. I say we promote geek, but don't make it obligatory so non geeks
can share a tad of our fame :)

> We need a cool flag behind which marching!:)

Well, personally I believe we should just make the flag and leave the
marching to others :) Making music doesn't leave an awful lot of time
for marching... ;)

URGH, okay honestly formulated when I hear to word 'march' I puke. Maybe
that's just me but I perceive the letting people march our way rather
then their way as something intermediate until people start to think
themselves... But if you happen to like marching feel free to lead the
mob! No court-marshals though.


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