[linux-audio-user] Mac? Linux PC?

Renato Fabbri renatoftato at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 11 02:43:01 EST 2006

There is a big budget heading my way and it is clear
that buying a new lapop will be nice. But I am kind of
confused about the choices. Mac or a Linux PC? I can
spent anything like ten thousand dollars on this.
I am a composer, mainly of concert music.
Unfortunatelly, I used a win PC for compatibility on
some temporary jobs I was doing. Already mess a little
with macs and just loved this start on linux for
Macs are traditionaly dedicated to multimidia, ok,
everyone knows they have splendid softwares for audio
and that it is stable, beatiful and smells like
flowers. On the other hand linux, it is a dream to
just install, run and get a 8ms latency just for
start, everything free, very configurable, very sable,
PD runs better and with more things, jack is
outstanding, PCs are cheaper...

Please, have anyone experienced both macOS and a linux
PC as a composer and/or a live performer (I intend
doing both with it) to give some clearer view?

I am grateful in advance.

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