[linux-audio-user] Mac? Linux PC?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Mar 11 03:45:41 EST 2006

Renato Fabbri hat gesagt: // Renato Fabbri wrote:

> There is a big budget heading my way and it is clear
> that buying a new lapop will be nice. But I am kind of
> confused about the choices. Mac or a Linux PC? I can
> spent anything like ten thousand dollars on this.
> I am a composer, mainly of concert music.

IMO Macs are overprized. The range of software actually isn't that
big, and with the coming of the new Intel-Macs, a lot of software
isn't even there yet. 

I don't know enough about your working style, but if you haven't used
a Mac before, I see no reason to start with that now. 

With Common Music, Lilypond, Pd, Csound, Supercollider, every
programming languange you want, and with the ability, to run the
occasional foreign software through Wine, Linux is a very good
platform for Composers IMO.

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