[linux-audio-user] Re: Hardware samplers

Gordonjcp wsynth at gjcp.net
Sat Mar 11 05:43:45 EST 2006

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> Gordonjcp wrote:
>> Incidentally, I've written a .wav to .syx converter to turn a sample
>> into a sysex file that you can just fire into the venerable Ensoniq
>> Mirage sampler.  Great for crunchy gritty drums, especially with the
>> analogue filters.
> libsndfile reads and writes SDS files as well.

I'm using libsndfile to read the audio files.  The main reason I'm using
.wav at the moment is that I know exactly how many samples long the
sound is when I edit in Audacity (or whatever).  The Mirage can only
accept a maximum of 64kB per dump (one half of the memory - yes, 128kB x
8 bit sampling).


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