[linux-audio-user] Re: POLL: Marketing Free Music

dubphil dubphil at free.fr
Sat Mar 11 11:37:42 EST 2006

> There is no integrity in censorship. The Jamendo crew
> can kiss my American ass.

hugg ! that's seems to be a fast judgement for me. An initiative like
Jamendo can seriously compete with the traditionnal way of music
distribution. It cannot take the risk to be legally shutting down by
pursuit about Pornography, racism or anything that would not have an
artistic aim but a destructive or harming aim. Freedom is in your brain
first. If you can't feel free because you can't show your sex to the
world or if you can't insult a black fellow just because he is black, I
realy feel sorry for you guy.

Second, it doesn't seems that you have heard to a lot of musicians on
the site... if you check the excellent album of Silence called L'autre
endroit you will see that the censor of the Jamendo team is not as
rigorous as they say.

nevertheless, keep your ass for what it is needed.



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