[linux-audio-user] Maya 44USB Audiotrak soundcard setup

Hiram Abiff domain.admin at online.ie
Sat Mar 11 19:31:24 EST 2006

Quoting Atte André Jensen <atte.jensen at gmail.com>:

> Hiram Abiff wrote:
>> Negative. On an Intel Centrino. Slackware 10.2, a 2.6.15 kernel.
> Could it be the exact same thing that Frank helped me with yesterday? 
> A big in usb audio in 2.6.15. I solved it by upgrading to, 
> which also can be patched my the rt21 patch...
> Worth a try...

I read your yesterday's posts. You wrote that aplay works, for exapmle.
I can get 0 apps to work with my USB card. I don't think we have the
same problem.


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