[linux-audio-user] Re: POLL: Marketing Free Music - Jamendo and censorship

dubphil dubphil at free.fr
Sun Mar 12 11:10:57 EST 2006

Mark says :
> Just personal choice. Do you invite every person you see on the street
> to dinner at your house? Of course not! We all 'self censor' our
> relationships. 

You point it, the Jamendo guys 'self censor' their project on the basis
of their personal choice... Damn ! this worth the kissing of an american
ass ? (Sorry, but I can't stand this kind of coarsing language) 

> Here we disagree. Speech in my mind never breaks a taboo. (The U.S.
> spelling) Speech may make taboos more apparent. Bring them into the
> light of day. (metaphorically) Speech doesn't break taboos. People do.

ok for this it 's true, but Freud has shown that the "subconscious" in
healthy (not psychotic) people remains unknown from the conscious...
sorry for this psychanalitic disgression...

> >
> > But no worry, I already think that our USA-like civilization is over...
> Here I am not sure of the meaning and I'd like to. Do you speak of the
> current USA? The current way France is operating? The world in
> general?

All of them yes ! Sorry I will not developp as this list is not suitable
for political debate out of Linux Audio...

> Don't be too negative. The pendulum swings over time. That is certain.
> Certain people, such as George Bush and Osama bin Laden, will
> eventually go away and be replaced by new faces. It's our job to
> remain vocal about what we want when that happens. If we don't remain
> vocal and speak out then we get what we *didn't* ask for! That is
> often a much larger issue in my mind.

of course agreed even if we want to believe that Ben Laden is really
tracked by Bush instead of beeing protected, but this is another debate
not suitable to this list.



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