[linux-audio-user] looking for a sampler

Hector Centeno-Garcia h.centeno at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 13 12:59:08 EST 2006

Cesare Marilungo wrote:

> Frank Barknecht wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> Hector Centeno-Garcia hat gesagt: // Hector Centeno-Garcia wrote:
>>> I was wondering what are you people using as a sampler in Linux. It 
>>> is a little bit sad that two of the very promising projects are 
>>> stopped: Specimen and Chionic ( http://www.reduz.com.ar/chionic/ ). 
>>> LinuxSampler is an excellent project but it seems that, for now,  
>>> you are limited to using giga sampler format and what I'm looking 
>>> for is a sampler were you can create your own patches from audio 
>>> files and map them to a keyboard. AFAIK there are no ways in Linux 
>>> for making giga sampler banks. I was checking LMMS and the sampler 
>>> seems to be very limited as it doesn't allow you to map samples to 
>>> keyboard regions... Is there any solution (beside Csound and PD) for 
>>> creating your own sample patches with amplitude envelopes and 
>>> keyboard mapping?
>> Fluidsynth with Swami may be what you're looking for. It is used to
>> create sample-based instruments in SF2/Soundfont-format, which you
>> then can use either on a Soundblaster hardware synth or in one of the
>> many libfluidsynth-based software synths like fluidsynth itself,
>> fluid~ in Pd, the fluidsynth opcodes in Csound etc. Swami is an editor
>> for creating the Soundfonts.
>> It's a very widespread and well documented format and can be made to
>> sound really great. Check for example the NSKit soundfonts, I used
>> the ns_piano in this track: http://footils.org/cms/show/49
>> Ciao
> The development version of swami (http://swami.sourceforge.net) has 
> some basic gigasampler creating and editing capabilities.
> c.

Thanks for you reply. I managed to build and run the development version 
(the packages available in source forge) of swami and I couldn't load 
samples in a giga patch.  I got these error messages in the console:

** (swami:29870): CRITICAL **: Failed to paste object of type 
'IpatchSampleFile' to 'IpatchGig': Unhandled paste operation type 
'IpatchAudioFile' => 'IpatchGig'
(swami:29870): libInstPatch-CRITICAL **: Invalid child type 
'IpatchGigSample' of parent type 'IpatchDLS2'
** (swami:29870): CRITICAL **: file SwamiguiTreeStore.c: line 604 
(swamigui_tree_store_real_item_add): assertion `title != NULL' failed.
(swami:29870): libInstPatch-CRITICAL **: Child of type 
'IpatchVirtualGigSamples' not found in parent of type 'IpatchGig'
(swami:29870): libInstPatch-CRITICAL **: Child of type 
'IpatchVirtualGigSamples' not found in parent of type 'IpatchGig'
sys:1: GtkWarning: gtk_window_set_wmclass: shouldn't set wmclass after 
window is realized!

Using soundfont I was never able to add a region from a loaded sample. I 
never get "paste" when right clicking on an instrument. I'll try the 
stable version.


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