[linux-audio-user] [ANN] APODIO 4.2.23 available right now!

joke at apo33.org joke at apo33.org
Wed Mar 15 11:11:05 EST 2006

cool dude!
don't try it if you think it's sucks !

viva alpha stage!! which is not the case... this is official package we 
found on mirrors...
Apodio is really cool man and we are not a compagny selling 
something... we gonna put some new version on mirrors depend of the 
comments of people... but this one for sure we won't take... sound too 
much agressive for my taste...

and... yo take it easy dude!


joke ;-)

>> ardour2-2.0-0.cvs060123.1.mdk2006.0.mde
> Is it really a good idea to distribute software that's only in an alpha
> testing state as part of this?  I'd think ardour 0.99.2 would be a better
> choice.  I'd hate to have someone try this distro, fire up this as a DAW,
> and think that it sucks.
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