[linux-audio-user] om-synth

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Fri Mar 17 12:18:41 EST 2006

On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 04:26:20PM +0100, Emanuel Rumpf wrote:

> When trying to load the example patches I got messages:
> Unable to find object /amp_env/Delay Time (s)
> Unable to find object /amp_env/Attack Time (s)
> Unable to find object /amp_env/Hold Time (s)
> How to know which ladspa library is missing and where to get it?
> (I already have installed swh, blop, cmt from debian repository.)

The above might be from omins, not sure.

Just get all recommended collections.

> When exchanging patches, how to ensure, the other system
> can load and play the patches?

Point every Om user to the above link ;)

> Will there be any way to save the plugins (embeded) together with the patch?

No. Can't do that with binaries, as there are varying platforms. 
Can't do it with source code without reimplementing something like portage.

The only option for improvment I see, would be something like a 
plugin registry and/or a common way to build plugins from source.
I don't see that happening any time soon.

> In the "Load Plugin" dialog  (text-)keyboard input didn't work.

Strange. Never had issues there.

> Is there any simple tutorial/example, that would explain, how to
> make a polyphonic synth
> (how to let it play 6 notes at once, when pressed on the midi-keyboard).

There's an tutorial for the last release:

It will be updated or another one added when someone gets around 
to it ;)

Create a new Subpatch, set polyphony to 6. Make sure the oscillator(s) 
are created polyhonic (checkbox in load dialog). For what else to 
put in there, have a look at the examples.

> ladspa-plugins should have a short description of their
>  functionality, how and when to use them.

The Om-synth project can't take care of that, it's outside of 
the scope. There was a effort that died off soon, to give some 
info and usage tips for a selection of plugins:

Thorsten Wilms

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