[linux-audio-user] "Multimedia Ubuntu"

Dana Olson dana at ubuntustudio.com
Fri Mar 17 14:08:54 EST 2006

On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 10:59 -0800, Stephen Hassard wrote:
> Dana Olson wrote:
> > Yes, I agree. And we should get rid of Kubuntu as well. And Xubuntu.
> > That's just silly.
> It may be a bit strange, but all of the kubuntu packages are accessible 
> in the regular ubuntu repositories.
> try a 'apt-get install kubuntu' on your ubuntu box.
> The specialized distros are for people who want to install their 
> favourite flavour without having to worry about all the base-install 
> junk that they don't want to use (gnome in the case of kubuntu) ...
> later,
> Steve

I understand that. I assume Lee knows this as well.

The question is, will this Mubuntu or whatever they end up calling it,
will that be the same?

Because if it is, then Lee's worries are invalid.

If it isn't, then I'm with him on this one..

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