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On Sat, 11 Mar, 2006 at 08:00AM -0800, Maluvia spake thus:


> I like bringing in that perspective, as those are very important questions.
> Being an occultist - I've got to go metaphysical on you to give my answers.
> This is my alternative scenario to having to make a lot of money from
> music:
> Use music to change the world we live in - to change people's consciousness
> - to *create* a world where money is no longer necessary.
> That's a different approach to bringing about the same end - and assuredly,
> the better one.
> I believe that music coming from an inspired place can alter people's
> consciousness - can move them, awaken them, trigger them, inspire them and
> empower them.
> And this doesn't have to be through explicit words in the form of lyrics -
> it can be just in the intent - *where* the music is coming from - how it
> makes people *feel*.
> That is the incredible power of music - that it acts on a subconscious and
> a superconscious level - it gets around the intellect and all the
> judgements it holds that keep us stuck.
> Music is a magical potency.
> Music can free the mind.
> And now that you all realize how way out there I am, I will take this even
> a step further - because I think this is something of profound importance
> to humanity and to the future:
> I have no doubt whatsoever that the present order of things must collapse -
> it is going to go down in flames, and sooner rather than later, I think.
> Which leaves the question - what then?
> What kind of life will be worth living in the aftermath - in the ruins of a
> scorched and sterilized planet?
> As an occultist, I am well aware of the incredible power of Sound - both to
> destroy and to create - and to heal.
> I believe through the intelligent use of sound and music, that even such a
> ravaged earth can be healed - the radioactive fallout rendered harmless,
> new life brought forth - and the hearts and minds of those left to rebuild
> can be healed and expanded as well.

I'm all for people having different opinions and all, but I have to
ask:  What the f*ck?

If it wasn't for the "occultist" bit, I'd just assume you meant that
sound and music could do all of that *indirectly*.  Which I would
agree with, but append a warning about insanely complex parameters,
chaos, variables we can't quantify and that we're better off trying
direct action to combat things like radioactivity.

On the other hand, since psychologists keep telling me that even the
most insane of us have a mental model of the world that is self
consistant, I really want to know what mechanism *you* see that allows
music to neutralise radiation.

I'm guessing our worlds differ on this point:

I think music is just patterns of compressions in the air around us
that our minds see patterns in.  We enjoy them because our minds are
predisposed to pattern analysis, and our advanced language skills give
us a preattentive ability to discern structure, pattern, logic - a
grammar, if you like.

Please don't take all this as a snide flame - I really am curious
about what's in your head.


P.S. Sorry for screwing

> A musician - when truly inspired - is also a magician.
> I've no doubt that is why the bards of old were so honored - and perhaps
> will be again someday.
> (Apologies for the lengthy reply - but some things just can't be answered
> in 6 lines.)
> To the future bards of the world!
> - Maluvia

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