[linux-audio-user] novation remote 25 usb midi controller

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki eric at zhevny.com
Sat Mar 18 01:18:56 EST 2006

Matthew Yee-King wrote:
> Hello!
> I have just been reading your post about remote 25s from 3 years ago! I 
> just installed a nice fresh debian testing etch system and was shocked 
> to find the remote 25 appeared in my list of midi ports in qjackctl - 
> wow. Can't find any docs about this on the web so thought you might like 
> to know, It's a stock debian 2.6.15 686 kernel using the alsa drivers 
> that come with it.

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for letting me know. I've just recently been itching to get my 
remote 25 working again and I've also been seriously considering moving 
my audio box from sarge to etch. So, your news is very welcome. I'm 
cc'ing the list in case anyway else might be interested.

My Remote 25 has been sitting here in front of me on my desk unused and 
collecting dust and cat hair for at least a year. If I remember 
correctly it still has the original 1.0 firmware version. Do you happen 
to know what version your's has? Do you or anyone else have anything to 
say about updating firmware on these devices?

Thanks again,
Eric Rz.

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