[linux-audio-user] Specimen and 64 bits software

Yves Potin yves_p at nnx.com
Sat Mar 18 12:43:11 EST 2006

Le 17 Mar à 14:51, Mark Knecht ecrivait:

> Or possibly run Specimen in a 32-bit chroot. I have a complete
> chroot'ed environment on my Gentoo 64-bit machine so that I can run
> all the win32codec and Flash stuff necessary to exist on the web these
> days. Much, much, much web content doesn't work with Linux 64-bit
> machines but works great in the 32-bit chroot.

        Thank you very much for the advices. As I see there are plenty of
things that doesn't run easily, or doesn't run at all, and as I want to
use all available audio apps without spending days hacking my system, I
think I will install a 32 Bits gentoo. 


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