[linux-audio-user] [OT?] camcorder mic

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki eric at zhevny.com
Tue Mar 21 06:46:48 EST 2006

Hi Gene,

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 20 March 2006 18:28, Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:
>>I'm shopping for new camcorder and am considering getting a "shotgun"
>>mic for it. I wondered if anyone here has any experience with these.
>>I'm looking at the Rode VideoMic:
> That looks A: like a pretty decent mic for the bucks, but be aware that 
> the AUD vs USD will eat a lot of that so-called discount.
> And B: an odd shock mount which leads me to ask how fragile in might be 
> in the field as it sure looks top heavy and the photo doesn't seem to 
> show much bracing in the roll direction.

The reviews I've read say that it's actually fairly light since it's 
made of ABS instead of metal, so it's not as top heavy as it looks, 

> I like that spl rating of 131 db though, you are not going to be able to 
> overload that mic without wearing some 30db gun muffs like I use at the 
> target range.
>>I've pretty much settled on the Panasonic PV-GS300 camcorder. Any
>>experiences or opinions on that are also welcome.
> No experience there, other than to comment that I have a Sony TRV-460 
> digital hi8 that I'm plumb in love with.  I shot a wedding with it last 
> spring that came out very well.  It has a firewire port so I can upload 
> raw video in real time, but that needs lots of free space on your hard 

Raw video, with decent audio quality, in real time via ieee1394 is the 
main thing I'm after. Not necessarily going direct to disk, though. The 
main purpose is streaming talks live in ogg theora with icecast from 
LAC2006, DCLUG, BWBUG and maybe, if I can ever get myself out to 
Chantilly on first Saturday mornings, NovaLUG as well. Joern and I did 
this at LAC2005 and I've done a few DCLUG, BWBUG meetings and one SBE 
meeting since, but am looking to get my own gear so I can do this 
outside of RFA without relying on their equipment.

> drive for half an hour. That 20 minute wedding was over 3.8GB IIRC.  
> But kino had no problems editing out my shakes.  And the resultant 
> videocd I burned several copies of smunched that down to about 340 megs 
> with no visible loss of quality that I could see, and it played in 
> everybodies cd readers as far as I know, in addition in my own dvd 
> player, an el-cheapo Apex.
>>Also, is there any such thing as a linux-video-users list where this
>>might be more on-topic? I remember seeing a linux-video-developers
>>list in someone's sig here or on lad, but can't recall the URL and
>>didn't know if a video-user's question would be on-topic for that
>>list anyway.
> Well, there is the video4linux list, but its rather hardware/software 
> drivers for the hardware centric with little of the video artistic 
> crowd around.  Personally I feel its more on topic on this list than 
> that one, but thats just me being practical.

Ok, I'll stay away from there for now. I do have an interest in that 
stuff, but it's lower on the priority list for now.

> "Here be the artists" IMNSHO, and thats meant as a complement to this 
> crowd.  As an opinionated, experienced old engineer, they 'tolerate' me 
> for the most part :)

Thanks again.


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