[linux-audio-user] Internet Music Business Models + Logos

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 22 09:14:14 EST 2006


I haven't got enough time to properly revue your ideas
and proposals but will attempt to respond in part.

--- Carlo Capocasa <capocasa at gmx.net> wrote:

> We all need marketing. In its best sense, it simply
> means that there are
> no obstacles people need to get around to get to
> your music. Clean up
> the dog poo in front of your store. Sure it's
> flattering to see to what
> lengths people will go to get your product, but
> maybe that length could
> be reduced to one: How much will they pay?
> 1. For the first business model I was thinking of
> selling music on an
> 'All Rights Reserved' basis, but with FULL RESALE
> RIGHTS. In other
> words, people are allowed to distribute your work
> for free if they want
> to, but there is a little incentive not to, because
> they can also sell
> it to their friends.

>From the Copyright owner perspective, I issue a
license that describes how you can legally use, sell
and distribute my property.

 This is very empowering to
> people since it
> encourages them to create additional sources of
> income for themselves
> except their jobs.

What percentage of the revenue do I the song writer,
producer and Copyright owner recieve upon the sale of
my property? As I see it you have operating expenses
and the right to compensation for your efforts and
anyone acting as a sales person also deserves a cut.

Relicensing my property so that anyone can sell it is
a bit of a can-o-worms. Are you responsible for
collecting and redistributing funds derived from the
sales of relicensed property? BMI can collect
broadcast royalties but not mechanical sales. And BMI
exists for very good reasons.

Or am I misinterpreting and the objective is for the
writer, producer and Copyright owner to give the
rights for usage and sale of their property to your
organization and any other people that might want to
sell the property. IOW, the Copyright owner gets
nothing upon the disbursement (broadcast) and sale of
their property.

I actually don't understand the basic premise upon
which you are designing this business and I need to be
enlightened. Once I understand the design it will be
easier to conduct a high octane flame war. :) Until
then I'm in the dark and creating useless noise within
your thread.


 To give you a little leverage,
> some exclusive content
> for people who buy direct (liner notes, additional
> artwork, exlusive
> bonus tracks, anything bonus really) on the site
> appears a  good idea.
> 2. For the street musician the most important thing
> appears to be some
> way of reminding people to please donate if they
> like your music. People
> are happily minding their own business every day
> while you are counting
> your food coupons, even if they are in principle
> willing and able to
> donate. That's not evil, it's just human nature.
> Sometimes it takes a
> little knocking on our door to get our attention.
> 'Oh right, that music,
> yeah I've been enjoying it, I'll give him a couple
> bucks.' Actually,
> perhaps it would be a good idea to find some way of
> getting people to
> donate before they close your web site. Or,
> alternatively, some way of
> keeping them coming back (new content! new content!
> new content! online
> community! Whatever.)
> 3. Well not much marketing needed here I guess,
> unless perhaps in terms
> of 'number of downloads'. I guess 'Make a Nice Web
> Site' would be sound
> in any case and also here, right along with 'make
> downloads clearly
> visible'.
> In order for people to know what is expected of them
> I have created a
> set of logos (SVG,
> http://shelljam.sourceforge.net/musicstream.svg).
> For
> a little familiarity value I created a 'free' brand
> (anyone can use it)
> called 'Musicstream'. If anyone has a better idea
> for the name please
> post; I like this because it is broad (music can be
> sold or given away,
> it is clear we are talking about music over the web
> but not CDs, while
> everyone is free to offer CDs AND musicstreams, and
> it has that 'new and
> cool' twang magazine editors who don't know what
> they're talking about
> but are hip will probably pick up on.)
> Lemme know what'cha think guys (and girls, and
> hermaphrodites, and
> non-sexuals)!
> Of course, the most important thing is... Let's all
> actually make some
> GOOD music and everything I wrote here will probably
> be pretty much
> irrelevant... or at best the Sake that goes with the
> Sushi.
> ;)
> Lemme know!
> Carlo
> PS: The ideas of 'Made with Free Software' and 'Geek
> is Cool and Sexy'
> have not been forgotten, but as far as I can see
> should be launched as
> seperate campaigns so non-Geeks and Propellerheads
> users can be part of
> the Phun as well!

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