[linux-audio-user] Re: Internet Music Business Models + Logos

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Thu Mar 23 09:43:50 EST 2006

Sup Rob!

I know that the words 'think out of the box' will get me a high winner
among bullshit bingo players, but that's exactly what I'm about here.

Point one: This is NOT a record label trying to contract musicians. We
are in the internet age, distribution can be automated. We need ways to
do this.

This is about helping every musician be his own record label. You are
right (or at least, I agree with you, for what that's worth) that the
song sells and the tools used can be a romantic extra. That's why 'made
with linux' has been seperated from this campaign and has absolutely
nothing to do with it. This is about distributing music using automated
means (currently, the Internet) ONLY, bypassing all record labels. I
don't like the idea of labels, and labels for records are no exception,
and you can bet I'm not going to be the guy to create another one.

These are marketing tools for independant musicians (not musicians
dependant on 'independant' labels). The music I make now isn't worth
dike yet, but I know it will be, and I take pride in keeping myself
unsigned, and I believe strongly using the Internet for distribution
will let me become as rich as the quality of my music permits.

Point 2: Re can-o-worms
What you call 'can-o-worms' is effectively self-perpetuating marketing.
Whole organizations can grow this way WITHOUT CENTRALIZED
LEADERSHIP/CONTROL. This is the future. Banner advertising is according
to my marketing studies the least effective form of advertising in
existence. Why? Linear leverage. Place one ad, get so many clicks, place
more ads, get more clicks... But money is made (always providing the
product is GOOD) using EXPONENTIAL leverage. Sell my re-salable song to
one guy. He happens to be a biz dude, he adds some value or gives my
song away with his product. Two of his customers do the same. People
wonder who wrote the song. They come to my site to buy merchandise and
get more songs directly from me, some of which they might re-sell. And
why? Because I take people seriously, treat them as equal business
partners, give them opportunities and the possibility to share. AND,
because I do NOT annoy them with banner ads that get louder and
squeakier by the minute. And, I should add, without spending a dime on
advertising, while allowing people to make LOADS of money off my
products (if they are good). All the gratitude this leverages (people
GET greatful when you treat them well!) could save me millions of
dollars worth of PR campaigns later in my career!

This is business for the people, NOT a new record label that turns
musicians into children and executives into their 'sensible daddies'. No
pointy-haired-boss, but tons of money. Legit.

That's the dream man! And I'm bringing this one to reality or dying trying.

You should use these labels :) It's an experiment, of course... But I
know this one will work. I just do. Trust me.

Your soon-rich-musician


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