[linux-audio-user] Linux Audio Conference 2006: Register now!

Frank Neumann beachnase at web.de
Thu Mar 23 18:24:07 EST 2006

Hi all,

this mail is just to inform you that registration for the 4th International
Linux Audio Conference (or "LAC2006" for short), APril 27th-30th, in Karlsruhe,
Germany, is possible as of now by visiting our web page at


and clicking on the link "Registration" on the left.

Like last year (and the years before), registration is free and is only
necessary because we need to prepare nametags, make estimations about
room sizes/required chairs and want to learn a bit about our audience.
That's all, honestly! :-). Information given there will NOT be used for
any kind of selling, spamming or otherwise abusing.

Also, the preliminary conference program has been published a few weeks
ago, available through the same link give above.

Thanks for registering in case you plan to come!

Frank Neumann
Goetz Dipper 
LAC2006 organization team

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