[linux-audio-user] More about consolidation of the Linux audio online resources (was: linuxdj...)

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 09:34:12 EST 2006

Hmm going on this topic, but seperate from the LAD stuff...

I recently started setting up the wiki on my site that I am hoping to be 
dedicated to Linux Audio for Users, not the LAU lists, but rather a 
resource to inform not only those that are familiar with linux, but 
those not familiar with linux on how to set up and run a Linux audio box.

This includes basic linux commands for administration and other 
purposes, and then more advanced stuff with ALSA compilation, setup, 
kernel options and patches for low latency, JACK, software choices etc.

I hope to keep it fairly distribution neutral, so hopefully all commands 
will be part of the GNU software base, but I do intend to branch out to 
briefly cover distributions, and wouldnt mind if AFTER the distribution 
neutral methods are covered, if distribution specific methods were also 
covered and brief information about each distribution included for htose 

At any rate it only has 4 basic pages on it at the moment, hoping to 
enlist help from the three or four places that I post on to help me fill 
it in as I dont have the largest amount of time to be typing up several 
novels worth of info, much less edit and correct it.

For the time being anyone can create, edit or post.  Eventually this 
will be changed, but it will remain VERY open, I may just make it so you 
have to create an account in order to edit/create or may make an account 
and post the login/pass here and the other places I post.

At any rate help would be appreciated from anyone that has time, both 
checking and correcting my stuff and creating new pages.  The pages that 
are up there will hopefully give you an idea on the technical competancy 
I am looking for out of the readers, as a LOT of engineers I have met in 
the windows world at least are fairly competant in their computer 
knowledge, as most of the time they have to tweak their machine to make 
it useable for audio with a MS OS anyways.

Thanks for any that can help.


Wiki Address...


Am more than open to other addresses if people want to donate them. 
This is not intended to replace the LAD or LAU lists, just supplement 
them especially for newcomers that may not know about the lists.

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