[linux-audio-user] LA seminar: your suggestions?

Dave Robillard drobilla at connect.carleton.ca
Fri Mar 24 14:18:21 EST 2006

On Fri, 2006-24-03 at 19:54 +0100, Leonard "paniq" Ritter wrote:
> i am going to hold a small seminar about an introduction to linux audio
> in two weeks.
> in preparation for that seminar i wanted to ask you what applications
> should be presented in your opinion.
> so far i want to show off, demonstrating how to do one song with it:
> - jack/alsa
> - ardour
> - seq24
> - jackrack (ladspa)
> - amsynth
> - specimen
> - lash (will be a poor performance yet ;)

So Mjoo must have LASH support then, right?  ;)

If you're showing seq24 and lash, you might want to try the following
patch to seq24-0.8.3 that adds LASH support:


It's full support, everything should restore perfectly.  Please let me
know otherwise (Rob has that patch and I believe it will be incorporated
in to the next official release of Seq24)


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