[linux-audio-user] Saving LADSPA FX chains in Ardour

David Haggett david at haggett.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 26 08:55:33 EST 2006

Hi list.

I generally DI either my electro-acoustic or solidbody into a Terratec DMX 
6Fire 24/96. I have managed to get really good latency (1.45ms) with the 
rt-lsm, and am now experimenting with effects chains in ardour.

I've started to accumulate a number of useful sounds but they are all saved in 
separate sessions and I can't find any way of recreating them without writing 
down the settings and rebuilding them from scratch.

Is it possible to export an entire effects chain for re-use in another ardour 

David Haggett

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