[linux-audio-user] N00b'ish questions

Andrew Lewis alewis at systemsfusion.com
Mon Mar 27 01:30:48 EST 2006

Well I've got a working Linux studio setup finally. :) Rosegarden is
seeming quite nice and I've made one or two half-decent noises. I have a
few daft questions:

1) How does one use the DSSI sampler instrument? Couldn't figure this
out. I've also installed the Chionic sampler, which I can play via my
MIDI keyboard by connecting it up to it with JACK: however for some
reason I'm unable to control it through Rosegarden, whereas I can
control eg. amSynth without problems the same way - confusing??

2) In your opinion: realtime music production: kief or kak? I find that
even without effects, triggering eg. Hexter lots of times will cause
xruns on my system (2.4GHz p4, 512MB RAM); which basically totally
screws me out of ever getting a decent recording out of Rosegarden. :(
Which makes me sad. :( I'm also interested in making really heavily
processed music (it should sound as if the computer were violently
shitting it out :D), but this is a problem for me where this can't be
done realtime. :( LMMS is a suitable app to use in this respect, but is
not really mature or stable enough for my liking, and the it's not
nearly so nice a sequencer as Rosegarden.

3) More dumb questions here... How can I make girls like me? etc.

Best Regards,

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