[linux-audio-user] Saving LADSPA FX chains in Ardour

David Haggett david at haggett.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 27 03:17:37 EST 2006

On Sunday 26 March 2006 21:44, Brian Dunn wrote:
> David Haggett wrote:

> >Is it possible to export an entire effects chain for re-use in another
> > ardour session?
> I'm not sure about doing this in ardour, but i've done it with jack rack.
> jack-rack will save your while fx chain and all the perameters in a file.
> you could then use the qjackctl connection bay to route your instrument
> into jack rack and then jack rack into ardour, for recording.

Thanks for the answer, Brian.  Unfortunately, having tried this I found 
Jack-Rack to be a bit resource hungry and I got a few XRUNs even before I 
started recording.  I tried both using jack-rack as the track input and as an 
insert, and the result was about the same.

And, of course there is the fact that some of the sounds I've made have 
plugins both before and after the fader, which would mean 2 copies of 

David Haggett

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