[linux-audio-user] A new tune #2

james at dis-dot-dat.net james at dis-dot-dat.net
Mon Mar 27 03:34:09 EST 2006

On Sun, 26 Mar, 2006 at 10:46AM +0100, Conor O'Tuama spake thus:
> Hi now :-)
> Just a simple ditty, recorded with Ardour, a couple of acoustic guitars, and
> voices. Plugins: TAP eq, SC4 compressor.
> Cheers again to all linux audio developers :-)
> http://conorotuama.com/run.ogg


I'm going to have to collect up some of my favourite tracks off the
list to pass to friends and family.  This is definitely one of them.

Ooops!  Just noticed no mention of rights relaxing on your site - do I
have permission?

Maybe consider CC noncomercial attribution?  Add sharealike if you
don't mind people monkeying with your music, noderivs if you do.

All you're really allowing then is for people to pass your music on to


"I'd crawl over an acre of 'Visual This++' and 'Integrated Development
That' to get to gcc, Emacs, and gdb.  Thank you."
(By Vance Petree, Virginia Power)

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