[LAU] Live CD distribution?

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Aug 1 01:51:03 EDT 2007

Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
> A friend of mine is willing to loan me a laptop to do some recording. 
> It's a PIII with Windows ME on it.  He's installed Audacity on it.
> Even so, I'd prefer to run Linux, and I can't trash the hard drive on
> him.  So, is there a live Linux CD with Audacity which would be
> good for this application?  Hmmm, I'll need to write the sound file
> to the hard drive, and I don't know if the drive is VFAT or NTFS.
> If it's NTFS that would limit which live CDs might work for me, if 
> any.  Thoughts folks?

Windows ME doesn't do NTFS - it's VFAT/FAT32 only.

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