[LAU] ReplyTo munging (Was: What hardware is actually used by freebob/ffado users?)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Aug 1 04:41:11 EDT 2007

Hein Zelle hat gesagt: // Hein Zelle wrote:

> I'll second that - I've had endless occasions (and yes, I do use mutt)
> where I accidently sent a private reply.  

The standard answer here is: so what? Sending a private reply does no
harm, but sending something private to the list does.

> So far I've never sent a personal message to a list by accident.

You may not, but people do. Even on this list it has happened. LAD and
LAU are rare among technical lists I'm on in that it sets its own
reply-to-list: ardour-* don't, pd-* don't, fluid doesn't, alsa-*
don't, debian-lists *of course* don't.

But well, I'm also only repeating arguments that are half a decade
old. But the RFC-argument was new to me, and it's a good one.

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